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Yapi Santiago
Artist | Digital Art
A little kooky, a lot messy, and just a tad bit socially awkward!


Chicken by yapi

Finally got around to updating my self portrait to my short hair! It's been short since October :P Made this for my Facebook artist page.

Anyway, hi, I'm Yapi, and I'm a chubby girl who likes girly dresses and fried chicken. Probably not a good combination, but whatever.

Oh, and I'm much cuter in drawings than in real life. Haha.

Sauce by yapi
Oh wow, I actually found time to continue this series! I really should finish telling this story before I forget stuff! Some details are already getting blurry D:

You can also see the full album on Facebook!

Ah, prison food. Pictured here was my first breakfast: scrambled egg roll in the shape of a sakura flower and dyed pink with a meatball on some pasta, Japanese pickles, and a LOT of rice with some black sesame seeds on top. We also get a bowl of miso soup and after we finish it we can refill our bowls with either hot water or green tea.

For lunch and dinner, the largest compartment will have some kind of fried meat or fish, and the rice will be given in a separate container instead.

We're given two bottles of condiments: soy sauce and something that is simply called... "sauce". You should use them because otherwise the meals hardly taste like anything. You only have one go at it so once you give it back to the guards, there's no turning back. I dowsed my rice with sauce until it was a black soppy mess.

There is actually a vegetarian option but they don't tell you about it! On my second evening I was having dinner with a girl from another cell and she only realized that she could get vegetarian because she saw someone else's veggie meal. However, the guards refused to switch her meals to vegetarian, stating that she ate the meat from her past meals anyway. Since she didn't die or get sick from eating the meat, there was no reason to change her meal options. Boo.

Genie by yapi
A bit long overdue, this one! Commissioned by Brandon Robert. Thanks for waiting!
Nishikino Akira by yapi
Nishikino Akira
Hotel Queen, Saitama, Japan

I'm guessing the lady was the owner of this love hotel. Posing with her is Nishikino Akira, a singer and actor in Japan, now in his 60s.

Click here for full album.
Hi guys!

I don't spend too much time on DA anymore, and I find myself being more active on Facebook these days. So, I decided to put up an artist page there (well, my sister convinced me, haha). So if you'd like to follow me there, please click the link!


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So, I'm watching you :)

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Thanks so much! I don't draw much these days, but it's nice that people are still looking at my work sometimes :)
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